2014 / 2015  Harvest Season

This campaign has just started and we have decided to develop an sweet and fruity taste olive oil. Manzanilla and Aberquina varieties olives have been selected to produce this nectar at "Sierra de Cádiz, South Spain" where we make our own oil. This has been a wonderful nectar blend with  low acidity. You will apreciate the sweeth and very fruity and vigorous with a slight bitterness and burning aftertaste sabour.

2015 / 2016 Harvest Season

We started this new  2015/2016 season very excited, betting on the same varieties of olives from last season with some changes and nuances and using Aberquina and Picual varieties to produce an Organic product with the highest quality, our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Picual, Manzanilla Aberquina varieties to obtain our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rama from traditional farming. In this new season we will have a leading expert collaboration, specializing in Dietetics who will answer to us our questions and the questions you send us about oil, Mediterranean diet, as well as health benefits, aesthetic and how to improve our eating habits.

We have a new image for our brand from our own designer, the great Sevillian artist Sir Cándido Carballo.

We have designed a new label called AROMAS AND LIGHTS FROM SEVILLA which may be part of your art gallery. His presentation (ceremony) took place in different places at the charming Seville city. You can enjoy this ride on our Facebook page. We hope you like it.

As soon as possible  we will present the new labels for our oil, designed by Carballo, a great artist from Seville.

Hello friends. We are going to be reporting news related to both the  Oil World and good nutrition and healthy habits culture. Please visit the following link from our blogger, Marita Ostos where you can find very interesting news.

We hope you enjoy it.



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